Peim van der Sloot

The Candy Shop

Peim van der Sloot (1986) grew up on in Argentina, graduated from the art academy in Utrecht (HKU) in 2010 and has since been working in the lively niches between visual arts, design and performance. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he developed a very characteristic style.
His optical illusions portray a strong urge for disorder. Within fixed grids he manages to introduce an unexpected flair of anarchy. With strong contrasts and vibrating colors, compositions are created full of movement, where the thin line between order and chaos is distorted. This same playfulness is applied on the sale of his works. He questions the assumptions on which our economy is based on, but also his artistic practice, constantly challenging both.

OPENING JUNE 3, 2022 - 17.00 PM


Jeroen Kamphorst


Jeroen is a much sought-after top stylist in the Dutch fashion scene. He collaborates with well-known fashion photographers such as Carli Hermes, Oof Verschuren and Sime Eskinja. He is known for his dandy, classy and high-end style. Also he has a weekly column in one of the main Dutch Newspapers reviewing on global fashion and glamour events.

This exhibition is a retrospective of 20 years of fashion photography on collaboration with renowned photographers.

Expected Summer 2022



of a fashion stylist


Olaf Veltman

The Color Series

Expected late 2022

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