Rosalinde C. Zeidman  - Ongoing until further notice

Dots a point where everything grows from...

Rosalinde C. Zeidman is an artist who played with the question "how are we programmed in our brain and how do you get rid of it if you don't like it?" This made her fascinated by the world of the 'synapses'. Patterns of neurons firing together and kind of get stuck in your brain - patterns of thoughts, emotions and behavior - that are ingrained by repetition. These synapses are the sum of everything you have experienced and learned in your life and from which you have drawn conclusions. Rosalinde calls it our 'programming', you could also call it your 'personality'. She believes that it is our own transparent prison, which we have created completely unconsciously, also because of the way our society works.


With her work, Rosalinde reflects on our society and how we are shaped by it. We let ourselves be hypnotised while watching TV and social media (you are then in alpha brainwaves, which gives access to your subconscious) and we allow the media to overwhelm us with negativity and fear. And so we subconsciously give away our power to the big companies and institutions in this world. Rosalinda says: "I think it is time to all wake up and step out of this malfunctioning matrix". It's time to massively reprogram ourselves and take a critical look at the 'Default Worldview' (Rupert Sheldrake). Now more than ever it is time to break old negative synapses and create new positive synapses.


Another aspect of the work is that everyone sees different things in the 'dots'. We are meaning-giving machines and what you see is a reflection of you and your unique programming.

 A last but certainly not unimportant aspect of the artist's work is that you can touch it, which is contrary to the rules of most museums. The artist thinks the tactile aspect is very important. Just feel it instead of just staring and forming an opinion in your head or looking for meaning in the work. By feeling at work, she thinks that a more complex and perhaps more complete experience of the work arises. The artist hopes to link the worlds of matter and energy in an 'art experience' and to take the visitor a little bit out of their comfort zone.


Jeroen Kamphorst


Jeroen is a much sought-after top stylist in the Dutch fashion scene. He collaborates with well-known fashion photographers such as Carli Hermes, Oof Verschuren and Sime Eskinja. He is known for his dandy, classy and high-end style. Also he has a weekly column in one of the main Dutch Newspapers reviewing on global fashion and glamour events.

This exhibition is a retrospective of 20 years of fashion photography on collaboration with renowned photographers.

Expected 2021

Olaf Veltman - Haan

Olaf Veltman

The Color Series

Expected 2021

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