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Unique gift by Ellis Scheer

Have a personal drawing made of an interior of your choice.


A wonderful gift for anyone who loves interiors, but also as a wonderful reminder of a parental home, the place where you lived for many years, for a jubilee, for the elderly who have to move with pain in their hearts, a pre- and after a drawing of a renovation or renovation, an interior of someone else that you simply find very beautiful. You name it!

How does it work?

The drawings are in pastels, if desired in color or in black/white and you can choose from the following 3 formats:

€250 for A5 format (21 x 15 cm)
€500 for A2 format (59 x 42 cm)
€900 for A0 format (118 x 84 cm)

These prices apply if you provide a photo of the desired interior. If you would like Ellis to come by personally to photograph the required space or make sketches on the spot, this can be done in consultation and at an additional cost.


Ellis can also frame the drawings for you at an additional cost.

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